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 How to write Email in Business well?

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: How to write Email in Business well?   Sat 13 Sep 2008, 6:34 pm

Hi- Hê-lố -my friends! rabbit

Email is one of a convenient and quick way of communicating. Sometime, i think it's more convenient than a telephone call and certainly faster than a letter. Do you agree with me? We use email to advertising, exchange information with friends and customers, to send documents,files... There are many utility from Email. So how to write a good email!
E-mail is specially suitable in this cases below:
- send some information
- brief advertisment
- simple request
- give the recerver time to think before responding..
And Email is less suitable when:
- we must to negotiate
- the information and requirement is so complicated or sensitive
Generally, we spend little time for reading and reply to email. Do you think so?

The contructure of Email-How to write a context for our message?
I think that, as you know, when we send Email, we allways remember the Email address sended. Sometime the email name often not recever name exactly. For examples: cauamthemyeu_87@yahoo.com. So in professional, it's better we should use an email name based on our real name. Such as nguyennamgiang_intel@yahoo.com
And then, we allway fill full text in subject or topic. Because, if not, Our e-mail is not sended, and the subject discribe a short information and best information of E-mail Context. For example:
Subject: New product for you; invite to our meeting....

In body of e-mail or context of E-mail, we sould explain things below:
- Who we are
- how we found out the email address of receiver
- the main ideas of our e-mail: consist of: make the request, invite...
- and looking forward the receiver to respond.

Note that:
we use language appropriate and avoid abbreviations, technical terms. Everyone often don't like to read long meassages and digress.
we allways check our grammar and spelling.
How to reply email for receiver?
the bacic principles to reply I'- meo`
- No matter if we receive email from recever that doesn't need to reply. but we need to thank to sender and discribe our understood clearly and tells the sender that you certainly have read and received.

Sum up, I have some ideas about E-mail. I always pleasure to looking forward from your advice anc contribution. Nam Giang- afro
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How to write Email in Business well?
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